PacificVis 2024

Welcome to IEEE PacificVis 2024!

IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis) was born in Kyoto in 2008 as an international event sponsored by IEEE Computer Society with the aim of promoting visualization research and technologies, especially in the Asian-Pacific region. Since then, we had a series of annual events in Beijing (2009), Taipei (2010), Hong Kong (2011), Songdo (2012), Sydney (2013), Yokohama (2014), Hangzhou (2015), Taipei (2016), Seoul (2017), Kobe (2018), Bangkok (2019), Tianjin (2020 and 2021, online), Tsukuba (2022, online), and Seoul (2023). The 17th event is scheduled to take place in Mita Campus, Keio University, Tokyo over April 23-26, 2024 with the co-sponsorship by the Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University.

We are pleased to announce three significant changes we made this year. First of all, in recognition of the growth of PacificVis to date by the IEEE Computer Society and Visualization and Graphics Technical Committee, PacificVis was upgraded from a symposium to a conference. Second, the full-paper track of PacificVis was expanded into two independent subtracks: the IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG) track and the conference track, unlike in the past when we published only a few best papers selected from the conference track in a special section of the TVCG. Third and last, all the accepted papers from the Vis-Meets-AI Workshop, which was held in conjunction with PacificVis so far since 2020, are now also included in the conference proceedings together with all accepted short papers in the track of Visualization Notes.

The conference program also includes two keynote speeches by Prof. Huamin Qu and Prof. Bongshin Lee, as well as all the accepted Posters and Visual Data Storytelling Contest works as in the previous year. In the morning of the first day, the 7th Japan-Korea-China Joint Visualization Workshop will be held as a collocated event. This workshop is free of charge for all registered participants of PacificVis 2024 and everyone is welcome to attend.

We hope that all participants will enjoy PacificVis 2024!

General Chair of PacificVis 2024
Issei Fujishiro, Keio University
Chair of PacificVis Steering Committee
Kwan-Liu Ma, UC Davis




Faculty of Science and Technology
Keio University

Special Supporter