Diversity, Inclusivity, and Accessibility (DIA) Program

IEEE PacificVis is dedicated to ensuring an inclusive and accessible environment for all attendees. Our commitment extends to providing comprehensive assistance to attendees with disabilities, such as visual or hearing impairments. Furthermore, in a concerted effort to foster the involvement of underrepresented or historically marginalized groups, PacificVis 2024 has established need-based scholarships to facilitate their attendance at the conference.

The PacificVis 2024 DIA Committee will review scholarship applications based on eligibility, need, and impact. Scholarships awarded may be used to pay for conference registration, travel and accommodation, audio/visual support during conference participation, childcare, and other costs of attending the conference.

Scholarship recipients will need to submit original expense receipts or evidence of payment to the committee for reimbursement after the conference.

Submit your application with this form:

  • Application deadline: April 2nd, 2024 (AOE)
  • Notifications of acceptance: April 15th, 2024 (AOE)

Inquiry and Support

If you have any questions about the DIA program, please contact us at pvis-dia@googlegroups.com.

PacificVis 2024 DIA Committee

  • Yuta Sugiura (Keio University, DIA Chair)
  • Yuki Igarashi (Ochanomizu University, Registration Chair)
  • Yuriko Takeshima (Tokyo University of Technology, Financial Chair)
  • Issei Fujishiro (Keio University, General Chair)