Social Events


Welcome Reception: April 23 (Tue)

Date & Time
April 23 (Tue) 18:30-21:00
Alice Aqua Garden Tamachi

Visit to KeMCo: April 24 (Wed)

The Keio Museum Commons (KeMCo) is a museum that serves as a “hub” connecting the collections of academic materials and cultural properties Keio University has accumulated over its long history in diverse fields, including art, archaeology, literature, history, and medicine, together with the educational and research activities behind them. As the name “commons” implies, the KeMCo plans exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and other events to provide a place where people from various areas can bring their collections to work together and share in the creation of new discoveries and ideas. In addition to the exhibition rooms, the museum is equipped with a creation studio named KeMCo StudI/O for digital fabrication and is also engaged in research and practice of digital humanities. The museum also operates the Keio Object Hub, a portal site for online access to Keio’s cultural assets.

KeMCo Exhibition “Ephemera: Print and Expression

SAC / SAC Journal(草月アートセンター発行、1960–1964年刊行)

When printed matter enters the exhibition room. A cross-section of art, illuminated by experiments on paper. Items such as flyers and pamphlets, whose main purpose is not long-term preservation like works of art or books, but rather to carry and use information for a limited period of time, are called “ephemera,“ given a word of “ephemera,” meaning “one day only, short-lived,” as they disappear after a limited period. Printed ephemera, which are inexpensively produced and therefore widely distributed in societies, are important items that convey the events and atmosphere of each period, and in recent years have become objects of collection in museums and other cultural institutions. Postwar art saw the emergence and development of new forms of expression such as conceptual art, events, and visual expressions. While pamphlets, catalogs, art magazines, and other printed ephemera were used to convey information on artworks and exhibitions, they also served as a venue for artists to express themselves, and various experiments were attempted within the limited space available. This exhibition introduces such experiments on the printed page and looks at ephemera as a vehicle for information and expression, as well as at the ephemera that ultimately became a means of conveying past events. In addition, contemporary artists Tatsuo Kawaguchi and Motohiro Tomii, who are interested in ephemera/printed matter, will present works rooted in ephemera.

Banquet: April 25 (Thu)

The PacifivVis 2024 banquet takes place on a cruise boat!

In the course of modernization, the cityscape of Edo, once ruled by Samurai warriors, has been transformed into the modern city of Tokyo. Would you like to travel back 150 years in time on a “yakatabune” (traditional Japanese houseboat) filled with the atmosphere of the Edo period? The evening view of modern Tokyo from inside the boat in the full bloom of Edo is exceptional.