• tvcg Papers accepted in Journal track (15 min)
  • conf Papers accepted in Conference track (12 min)
  • note Papers accepted in Visualization Notes track (10 min)

Apr 24 (Wed), 13:30-15:35
AI and Visual Analytics

Session Chair: Di Weng, Zhejiang University

tvcg VIOLET: Visual Analytics for Explainable Quantum Neural Networks
Shaolun Ruan, Zhiding Liang, Qiang Guan, Paul Griffin, Xiaolin Wen, Yanna Lin, and Yong Wang

tvcg Reinforced Labels: Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Point-Feature Label Placement
Petr Bobák, Ladislav Čmolík, and Martin Čadík

tvcg Visual Analytics for Efficient Image Exploration and User-Guided Image Captioning
Yiran Li, Junpeng Wang, Prince Aboagye, Chin-Chia Michael Yeh, Yan Zheng, Liang Wang, Wei Zhang, and Kwan-Liu Ma

tvcg PM-Vis: A Visual Analytics System for Tracing and Analyzing the Evolution of Pottery Motifs
Jincheng Li, Chufan Lai, Hai Zhang, and Xiaoru Yuan

tvcg ColorNetVis: An Interactive Color Network Analysis System for Exploring the Color Composition of Traditional Chinese Painting
Xiaojiao Chen, Qinghua Liu, Yonghao Chen, Ruihan Wang, Yang You, Wanxin Deng, Wei Chen, and Xiaosong Wang

conf Exploring Visualization for Fairness in AI Education
Xinyuan Yan, Youjia Zhou, Arul Mishra, Himanshu Mishra, and Bei Wang

conf Graph-Neural-Network-Based User Intent Understanding for Visual Analytics
Yue Wang, Yusheng Qi, Luke Zhang, and Siming Chen

conf Trust Junk and Evil Knobs: Calibrating Trust in AI Visualization
Emily Wall, Laura Matzen, Mennatallah El-Assady, Peta Masters, Helia Hosseinpour, Alex Endert, Rita Borgo, Polo Chau, Adam Perer, Harald Schupp, Hendrik Strobelt, and Lace Padilla

conf Data Movement Visualized: A Unified Framework for Tracking and Visualizing Data Movements in Heterogeneous Architectures
Suraj Padmanaban Kesavan, Harsh Bhatia, Keshav Dasu, Olga Pearce, and Kwan-Liu Ma

Apr 24 (Wed), 16:00-17:55
Scientific and Geographic Visualization

Session Chair: Guido Reina, University of Stuttgart

tvcg Animating Hypothetical Trips to Communicate Space-Based Temporal Uncertainty on Digital Maps
Morgane Koval, Yvonne Jansen, and Fanny Chevalier

conf Web-Based Flow Visualization in Quotient Space and S³
Christian Lang, Egzon Miftari, Peter Albers, and Filip Sadlo

conf Interactive Visualization of Time-Varying Flow Fields Using Particle Tracing Neural Networks
Mengjiao Han, Jixian Li, Sudhanshu Sane, Shubham Gupta, Bei Wang, Steve Petruzza, and Chris R. Johnson

conf Towards Differentiable Electron Microscopy Simulation: Methods and Applications
Ngan Nguyen, Feng Liang, Dominik Engel, Ciril Bohak, Ondřej Strnad, Timo Ropinski, and Ivan Viola

conf ECNR: Efficient Compressive Neural Representation of Time-Varying Volumetric Datasets
Kaiyuan Tang and Chaoli Wang

conf Dynamic-Scene-Graph-Supported Visual Understanding of Autonomous Driving Scenarios
Ting Liu, Dong Sun, Chongke Bi, Yi Sun, and Siming Chen

conf Interpreting Autonomous Driving Corner Cases: A Visual Analytics Approach
Yi Sun, Zekai Shao, Xingyu Qiu, Yun Li, Ting Liu, Linbing Xiang, Dong Sun, and Siming Chen

conf EmoGeoCity: Interactive Visual Exploration of City’s Historical and Cultural Evolution Based on Emotional Geography
Yutong Yang, Yinuo Liu, Qishuo Bai, Tianyi Zhou, Ziduo Ye, and Xiaoju Dong

conf ViSCitR: Visual Summarization and Comparison of Hotel Reviews
Franziska Huth, Fabian Beck, Johannes Knittel, Shahid Latif, Steffen Koch, and Thomas Ertl

Apr 25 (Thu), 09:00-11:05
Graph and Network

Session Chair: Daniel Weiskopf, University of Stuttgart

tvcg Sticky Links: Encoding Quantitative Data of Graph Edges
Min Lu, Xiangfang Zeng, Joel Lanir, Xiaoqin Sun, Guozheng Li, Daniel Cohen-Or, and Hui Huang

conf The Multi-Dimensional Landscape of Graph Drawing Metrics
Gavin Mooney, Helen Purchase, Michael Wybrow, and Stephen Kobourov

conf Treebar Maps: Schematic Representation of Networks at Scale
Giuseppe Di Battista, Fabrizio Grosso, Silvia Montorselli, and Maurizio Patrignani

conf Nuwa: An Authoring Tool for Graph Visualizations
Dongming Han, Haiyang Zhu, Wei Chen, Jiacheng Pan, Ran Chen, Xumeng Wang, Zhen Wen, Luoxuan Weng, Minfeng Zhu, Yingcai Wu, and Rüdiger Westermann

conf Area-adaptive Drawing of Rooted Trees
Kazuo Misue

conf KG-PRE-view: Democratizing a TVCG Knowledge Graph through Visual Explorations
Yamei Tu, Rui Qiu, and Han-Wei Shen

conf GraphFederator: Federated Visual Analysis for Multi-party Graphs
Dongming Han, Haiyang Zhu, Wei Chen, Rusheng Pan, Yijing Liu, Jiehui Zhou, Haozhe Feng, Tianye Zhang, Xumeng Wang, Minfeng Zhu, Jianrong Tao, Changjie Fan, and Xiaolong Zhang

conf Contextual Matrix Orderings for Graph Collections
Nathan van Beusekom, Wouter Meulemans, and Bettina Speckmann

conf Cluster-Faithful Graph Visualization: New Metrics and Algorithms
Shijun Cai, Seok-Hee Hong, Amyra Meidiana, Peter Eades, and Daniel Keim

conf Improved Lightweight Rendering of Road Networks based on Contraction Hierarchies
Lukas Berner, Johannes Erwerle, Stefan Funke, Claudius Proissl, Florian Rieg, and Sabine Storandt

Apr 25 (Thu), 13:20-15:35
Representation and Framework

Session Chair: Siming Chen, Fudan University

tvcg JsonCurer: Data Quality Management for JSON Based on an Aggregated Schema
Kai Xiong, Xinyi Xu, Siwei Fu, Di Weng, Yongheng Wang, and Yingcai Wu

tvcg A Survey of Designs for Combined 2D+3D Visual Representations
Jiayi Hong, Rostyslav Hnatyshyn, Ebrar A. D. Santos, Ross Maciejewski, and Tobias Isenberg

tvcg Adaptive Sampling of 3D Spatial Correlations for Focus+Context Visualization
Christoph Neuhauser, Josef Stumpfegger, and Rüdiger Westermann

tvcg Comparative Evaluation of Animated Scatter Plot Transitions
Nils Rodrigues, Frederik L. Dennig, Vincent Brandt, Daniel A. Keim, and Daniel Weiskopf

tvcg CoInsight: Visual Storytelling for Hierarchical Tables with Connected Insights
Guozheng Li, Runfei Li, Yunshan Feng, Yu Zhang, Yuyu Luo, and Chi Liu

conf Understanding and Automating Graphical Annotations on Animated Scatterplots
Danqing Shi, Antti Oulasvirta, Tino Weinkauf, and Nan Cao

conf ENS-t-SNE: Embedding Neighborhoods Simultaneously t-SNE
Jacob Miller, Vahan Huroyan, Raymundo Navarrete, Md Iqbal Hossain, and Stephen Kobourov

conf Extending Adjacency Matrices to 3D with Triangles
Rusheng Pan, Helen Purchase, Tim Dwyer, and Wei Chen

conf Sample2SQL: A Visual Interface for Querying Risky Enterprises
Hongjia Wu, ShanChen Zou, Jiazhi Xia, HongXin Zhang, and Wei Chen

conf Efficient Level-Crossing Probability Calculation for Gaussian Process Modeled Data
Haoyu Li, Isaac Michaud, Ayan Biswas, and Han-Wei Shen

Apr 25 (Thu), 15:50-17:50
Application and Interpretation

Session Chair: Filip Sadlo, Heidelberg University

tvcg ScrollTimes: Tracing the Provenance of Paintings as a Window into History
Wei Zhang, Kam-Kwai Wong, Yitian Chen, Ailing Jia, Luwei Wang, Jian-Wei Zhang, Lechao Cheng, Huamin Qu, and Wei Chen

tvcg TacPrint: Visualizing the Biomechanical Fingerprint in Table Tennis
Jiachen Wang, Ji Ma, Zheng Zhou, Xiao Xie, Hui Zhang, Yingcai Wu, and Huamin Qu

tvcg A Comprehensive Evaluation Framework of Software Visualization Effectiveness
Hakam Alomari,Hakam W. Alomari, Christopher Vendome, and Lane Rizkallah

tvcg Same Data, Diverging Perspectives: the Power of Visualizations to Elicit Competing Interpretations
Cindy Xiong Bearfield, Lisanne van Weelden, Adam Waytz, and Steve Franconeri

tvcg Enhancing Single-Frame Supervision for Better Temporal Action Localization
Changjian Chen, Jiashu Chen, Weikai Yang, Haoze Wang, Johannes Knittel, Xibin Zhao, Steffen Koch, Thomas Ertl, and Shixia Liu

tvcg Struggles and Strategies in Understanding Information Visualizations
Maryam Rezaie, Melanie Tory, and Sheelagh Carpendale

tvcg Exploring Mid-Air Hand Interaction in Data Visualization remote
Zona Kostic, Catherine Dumas, Sarah Pratt, and Johanna Beyer

conf VisCollage: Annotative Collages for Organizing Data Event Charts
Xiao-Han Li, Yi-Ting Hung, Jia-Yu Pan, and Wen-Chieh Lin

Apr 26 (Fri), 10:15-11:15
Visualization Technique, Graph and Time-series Visualization

Session Chair: Le Liu (Northwestern Polytechnical University)

note Depth-Box VDB: Accelerate Sparse Volume Rendering with Depth Maps through Voxel Database
Keyue Xu, Jiapu Zhao, and Yubo Tao

note $\beta$-skeleton Shape-based Metrics for Large and Complex Graph Drawings
Seok-Hee Hong and Patrick Eades

note Cell Size Optimization for Graph Drawing on Torus
Misato Watanabe and Yosuke Onoue

note A-Map: Interactive Visual Exploration of Intercity Accessibility Dynamics Based on Railway Network Data
Kaichen Nie, Hanning Shao, Yuchu Luo, Min Tian, Hao Wu, Wei Zeng, Xin Fu, and Xiaoru Yuan

note Towards Understanding the Authoring Strategy and Effectiveness of Visualization Sketches
Ruike Jiang, Yiheng Liang, Hanning Shao, Le Liu, and Xiaoru Yuan

note TimeSeriesMaker: Interactive Time Series Composition in No Time
Franziska Becker and Tanja Blascheck

Apr 26 (Fri), 11:15-12:15
AI+VIS and Visual Analytics Application

Session Chair: Min Lu (Shenzhen University)

note Evaluating how interactive visualizations can assist in finding samples where and how computer vision models make mistakes remote
Hayeong Song, Gonzalo Ramos, and Peter Bodik

note GenLens: A Systematic Evaluation of Visual GenAI Model Outputs
Tica Lin, Hanspeter Pfister, and Jui-Hsien Wang

note PromptLandscape: Guiding Prompts Exploration and Analysis with Visualization
Junpeng Wang, Chin-Chia Michael Yeh, Yujie Fan, Xin Dai, Yan Zheng, Liang Wang, and Wei Zhang

note IoLens: Visual Analytics System for Exploring Storage I/O Tracking Process
Changmin Jeon, Jiwon Ha, Hyolim Hong, Hyeon Jeon, Hyeonsang Eom, Heonyoung Yeom, and Jinwook Seo

note SG-RAD: A Visual Analytics System in Subgroup and Risk Factors Analysis and Discovery
Nathania Josephine, Yi-Ju Lee, Pei-Chen Chang, Hsiang-Han Chen, and Ko-Chih Wang

note MaugVLink: Augmenting Mathematical Formulas with Visual Links
Min-Jui Lee and Bing-Yu Chen