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April 24th (Wednesday) 11:00-12:30 Fast Forward; Posters & Storytelling 1

Visual Data Storytelling Contest

poster Photography Assistance Method for 3D Reconstruction with On-time Presentation of Generated Results (poster_1015)
Sayaka Morikoshi, Takeo Igarashi, and Keita Higuchi

poster Revelio: A Lifelog Visualization System with Google My Activity Best poster@poster (poster_1021)
Yeeun Choi, Yooyeun Kim, Chan Gyu Lee, JeongJin Park, and Hyunwoo Park

poster Visualization of semantic differences between Chinese and Japanese homonyms (poster_1022)
HE HAN and Takayuki Itoh

poster Visualization and Feature Analysis of Dutch Baroque Paintings Including Vermeer (poster_1024)
Ryoko Oda and Takayuki Itoh

poster Extracting Scholarly Posts from Social Networks for Visualizing Researchers’ Communities (poster_1025)
Yuga Umezawa and Marie Katsurai

poster An Open Dataset of Data Lineage Graphs: Description, Construction, and Visualization (poster_1026)
Yunpeng Chen, Xin Zhao, Jiang Zhang, Jiang Long, Ying Zhao, and Fangfang Zhou

poster Visualization System for Pitching Sequence Patterns based on Pitching Locations’ Order (poster_1028)
Ryosuke Tsujino and Masahiko Itoh

poster Combinational Nonuniform Timeslicing of Dynamic Networks (poster_1029)
Seokweon Jung, DongHwa Shin, Hyeon Jeon, and Jinwook Seo

poster Towards Automated Generation of VA Systems for Adventure Stories: Case Study in “Around the World in 80 Days” Honorable mention@poster (poster_1030)
Sami Mairue and Ken Wakita

poster Enhancing Softness Sensation in Optical Fiber Tactile Sensors (poster_1031)
Eric Fujiwara and Yu Tzu Wu

poster Visualization for Improving Parameter Interpretability in Pedestrian Flow Simulations with Multiple Indicators (poster_1032)
Chisa Mori, Mei Takeda, Masaki Onishi, and Takayuki Itoh

poster Vivifying LIME: Visual Interactive Testbed for LIME Analysis (poster_1034)
Jeongmin Rhee, Changhee Lee, DongHwa Shin, and Bohyoung Kim

poster A Visual Analytics System to Understand Behaviors of Multi Agents in Reinforcement Learning (poster_1035)
Changhee Lee, Jeongmin Rhee, and DongHwa Shin

poster Form of Music: Visualizing Musical Phrasing with Calligraphy (poster_1037)
Yu Tzu Wu and Eric Fujiwara

April 25th (Thursday) 11:20-12:20 Posters & Storytelling 2

Visual Data Storytelling Contest

poster Enhancing Campus Navigation with Holographic Projection and Large Language Model (poster_1016)
Sin-Yu Yen, Hsiang-Ting Chen, Yi-Jheng Huang, Yu-Hsuan Lin, and Suiang-Shyan Lee

poster Tag Cloud Visualization with Scatter Plot using Bag of Words for Imbalance Analysis on Public Relations (poster_1038)
ChanYoung Yoon, Sangbong Yoo, Hyelim Lee, Jeong-Nam Kim, and Yun Jang

poster Dimensionality Reduction of Connected Pair Attributions of Inter-firm Transaction Network (poster_1039)
Kohei Arimoto and Masahiko Itoh

poster Multiple Contributions to the Practices and Challenges of Comprehending Visualizations (poster_1040)
Maryam Rezaie, Sheelagh Carpendale, and Melanie Tory

poster Interpreting Text Generation Rationale in Large Language Models - Visualization of Attention Mechanisms for Public Relationship Analysis (poster_1043)
Seongbum Seo, Sangbong Yoo, Hyelim Lee, Yun Jang, Ji Hwan Park, and Jeong-Nam Kim

poster A General Framework for Annotated Maps Generation (poster_1044)
Hanning Shao and Xiaoru Yuan

poster Domain uniform decomposition for compressing neural representations (poster_1045)
Rong Guo, Chenyue Jiao, Xin Gao, and Chongke Bi

poster String Nodes Visualization with a Simple Trick: The Hidden Virtual Nodes (poster_1046)
Jinwoo Choi and Hyunwoo Park

poster FinNetViz: A Comprehensive Visualization System for P2P and DeFi Platforms (poster_1048)
shuxi LIANG, Tianze Zhang, haolin ren, and Daning Hu

poster Visualizing Set Sizes with Dependent and Independent Uncertainties Honorable mention@poster (poster_1050)
Nathan van Beusekom, Steven Chaplick, Amy Griffin, Marc van Kreveld, Martin Krzywinski, Wouter Meulemans, and Hsiang-Yun Wu

poster Scatterplot Drawings also Show Underestimation of Correlation (poster_1052)
Lucy Cui, Ching-Yi Wang, Yiwei Wang, Medha Kini, and Zili Liu

poster Dynamic Network Visualization with Radial Charts: A Novel Integration Approach (poster_1053)
Tianze Zhang, shuxi LIANG, haolin ren, and Daning Hu

poster GPT-Enhanced ReciPic: A Tool for Transforming Recipe Procedure Text into Visual Infographics Best poster@poster (poster_1054)
Lechang Zhang and Takayuki Itoh

poster Visual Approach for Human Knowledge Incorporated Traffic Signal Classification to Multi-Agent Modeling in Reinforcement Learning (poster_1055)
SeokHwan Choi, Sangbong Yoo, Chanyoung Jung, and Yun Jang

poster Fuzzy Confluent Layered Drawings: Extension of Confluent Layered Drawings using Quasi-biclique (poster_1056)
Masakazu Kudo and Yosuke Onoue